[rescue] Re: ECC [was: Re: WOT: Ebay changes to IBM from Sun E10Kservers?]

Rip Loomis rip at flagon.com
Sat Jul 12 13:42:58 CDT 2003

>>>    Ok.  She's 5'1", ~110lbs, medium-length light brown wavy hair, big
>>> brown eyes, and a concentration-shattering smile.  She's from Colombia,
>>> she's an architect, and she has more class than I will ever comprehend.
Dave, congrats on finding an awesome person with whom you've obviously
connected.  Let me know when you're bringing her to Maryland for
George and Mike to inspect, so I can drop by... 

>> Ok then, when will she join this list?
>   Well...she does handle all the MIS stuff for her office (in addition to 
> designing buildings), but she's not much into the rescue mentality.  I 
> will try to cultivate some interest.

I'd recommend keeping her off this list...not that I think she couldn't
handle it, but for fear that she might realize what kind of weirdos
you virtually hang out with.  Okay, maybe get her addicted to Vaxen
and old Suns first as the first two steps of the "Windows recovery


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