[rescue] ECC [was: Re: WOT: Ebay changes to IBM from Sun E10Kservers?]

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at celestrion.celestrion.net
Thu Jul 10 11:50:46 CDT 2003

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 11:13:24AM -0400, Dave McGuire wrote:

>    I think the real difference is that most PC users tolerate hardware 
> failures.
>    Properly-implemented ECC is the right thing to do.  Yes, it's more 
> expensive, but it's the right thing to do.  A memory error that would 
> otherwise bring a system to its knees will simply cause an entry into 
> an error log with ECC...turning unexpected downtime into scheduled 
> downtime.
>    With this "I like my stuff to work all the time" attitude, am I just 
> being too intolerant?

If you can pull it off, then apparently not.

However, some of us can't even seem to pull it off with our quality
machines.  I've had more than one mysterious crash from my U1 (more than
one probably only means 3 though).  And when I woke up this morning,
something had gone wanky with the Xserver on my Octane and I had to
reset the machine to make it readable (technically, I probably only
needed to reset the Xserver, but I didn't know how to do that and the
screen wasn't readable enough to try to do it). 

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