[rescue] Re:ECC [was: Re: WOT: Ebay changes to IBM from Sun E10Kservers?]

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jul 9 11:45:32 CDT 2003

> Scott Newell wrote:
> > 
> > I wonder...every once in a while I run across a discussion of what
> > qualifies as a workstation vs. a personal computer'.  How about the ability
> > to use ECC memory?  I rarely see lower end FeeCee class machines with ECC
> > memory, yet it seems quite common on the Sun, SGI, IBM, and HP iron.
> Uhm. I see the *capability* for using ECC ram on PeeCee motherboards
> somewhat frequently. I don't know ANYONE who has actually bought ECC ram
> for their home PeeCee machines though...
> /Bjorn

My Thinkpads are the only systems I own that don't have ECC ram. Thought if I get a G5 later in the year it won't have ECC ram either.

I've always specified ECC memory whenever it was available for a given platform.



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