[rescue] Alphaserver

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed Jul 9 09:08:42 CDT 2003

On 7/9/03 9:03 AM, "Dan Williams" <dan.williams at btconnect.com> wrote:

> Sorry, to repeat a question but I have more facts now. I am wondering
> how much a digital 2100 a500mp 4/233 Alphaserver with two processors
> with unkown memory and no hard disks is worth, and wether it is a
> worthwhile spending money on. It apparantly completes self test OK. I
> think the seller wants 50 pounds for it.
> Basically I am looking for is the machine worth the money, and is it a
> machine worth having as I have no experience with Alphaservers.
> Thanks
> Dan

For what it's worth, I got two 4/233's, each with 2 CPU's and 64 meg of
memory each for a total of $50.00 last spring. Each had one disk, but that
wasn't a problem, since I had drives and canisters at home.

I took the boards from one and populated the other to make a 4-way box with
128M RAM. Currently has FreeBSD 5.x loaded, but not running since I don't
have the juice available in my basement to keep it running all the time.

If anyone has higher density memory boards they want to part with cheap, let
me know. Cheap is the operative word <grin>


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