[rescue] ECC [was: Re: WOT: Ebay changes to IBM from Sun E10K servers?]

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Tue Jul 8 15:21:12 CDT 2003

>Jul  5 06:34:43 aeneas SUNW,UltraSPARC-II: [ID 682488 kern.notice] [AFT0]
>errID 0x00061120.80377c72 ECC Data Bit 59 was in error and corrected

Guess ECC memory is pretty handy at times, huh?  ;-)

I wonder...every once in a while I run across a discussion of what
qualifies as a workstation vs. a personal computer'.  How about the ability
to use ECC memory?  I rarely see lower end FeeCee class machines with ECC
memory, yet it seems quite common on the Sun, SGI, IBM, and HP iron.


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