[rescue] BlackBox KVM cable pinouts now available

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Sun Jul 6 16:14:09 CDT 2003

On Saturday, July 5, 2003, at 10:55  AM, Adam Kropelin wrote:

> A few weeks back I posted asking for someone willing to loan me a Sun 
> cable
> for a BlackBox KVM so I could reverse-engineer the pinout. Several 
> kind list
> members stepped forward and helped me out. I promised to make the 
> pinouts
> available to other cheapskates and I'm now making good on that 
> promise. I've
> managed to determine the pinouts for PC, Apple, and Sun cables.

I have a small number of cables for a BlackBox KVM available. I bought 
them surplus on the off chance they'd work with my Raritan KVM, but 
they don't.

Three are new unopened, and one I opened myself to test with my KVM.

Black Box part nr. 412-746-5500 or EHN051-0005, "VGA/PS2/PS2 CABLE 5 

Asking $5 ea to cover my cost, plus postage. Or.. trade straight across 
for Raritan CCP-20 cables?


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