[rescue] Available: IBM SP SMP (tall) nodes

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Jul 4 09:58:00 CDT 2003


Are these things complete machines, i.e. will they boot, run programs, etc.?
Do they run on 110VAC or something more?

My company develops and sells software for these IBM things, but I know SFA
about 'em.  I actually develop the stuff on an SCO machine 2000 miles from


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> I don't know if I'll find any takers, but...
> Upgrade your IBM SP!
> I have two tall nodes available FOB Seattle, WA. Best offer. I want
> them out of my apartment, so offers of shipping costs only ARE
> acceptable. These bastards weigh in the neighborhood of 150 pounds
> each. I can barely lift them.
> Anyway. Similar to J40/J50. Specs:
> * One CPU card installed - 2x 112 MHz PPC 604. Up to four CPU cards may
> be installed.
> * One memory card installed - 512 MB RAM in 5v buffered parity DIMMs.
> Up to four memory cards may be installed.
> * 16 MCA slots across 2 busses. One fast/wide SCSI controller installed.
> * 2x 2GB SCSI fixed disk drives.
> Both nodes are identically configured. I have a large number of SSA
> controllers, differential SCSI host adapters, and sundry other MCA
> cards I could throw in to sweeten the deal, if it makes the difference
> between somebody claiming ownership and not. Ask and ye shall receive.
> Takers?
> ok
> bear
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