[rescue] Available: IBM SP SMP (tall) nodes

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Thu Jul 3 23:45:00 CDT 2003

I don't know if I'll find any takers, but...

Upgrade your IBM SP!

I have two tall nodes available FOB Seattle, WA. Best offer. I want 
them out of my apartment, so offers of shipping costs only ARE 
acceptable. These bastards weigh in the neighborhood of 150 pounds 
each. I can barely lift them.

Anyway. Similar to J40/J50. Specs:

* One CPU card installed - 2x 112 MHz PPC 604. Up to four CPU cards may 
be installed.

* One memory card installed - 512 MB RAM in 5v buffered parity DIMMs. 
Up to four memory cards may be installed.

* 16 MCA slots across 2 busses. One fast/wide SCSI controller installed.

* 2x 2GB SCSI fixed disk drives.

Both nodes are identically configured. I have a large number of SSA 
controllers, differential SCSI host adapters, and sundry other MCA 
cards I could throw in to sweeten the deal, if it makes the difference 
between somebody claiming ownership and not. Ask and ye shall receive.



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