[rescue] SGI GDM-5011PT monitor Q's

Rip Loomis rip at flagon.com
Wed Jul 2 15:52:17 CDT 2003

Anyone have experience with one of these?  A
reputable vendor in the local area has them
for a decent price (this is the SGI version of
the Sun 21" monitor I love).  Okay, it looks
like it's got a captive cable with an SVGA-style
15-pin connector plus a 13W3 port (instead of
the captive 13W3 plus SVGA port on the 5010). 

However, I'm getting weird answers when I search
for info on just how compatible that 13W3
connector is going to be with non-SGI gear.
Could someone confirm that this thing is smart
enough to swap between composite sync and SOG
on the 13W3 port, so I won't have to hork
around with adapters to use it with one Sun
and one x86 PC? 

Rip Loomis, CISSP
Brainbench.com MVP for Internet Security   |   http://www.brainbench.com/

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