[rescue] Anyone in California who can help with a rescue?

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Wed Jul 2 15:26:04 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, July 2, 2003, at 04:20 PM, Steve Hatle wrote:
> If by ANS you are referring to an Apple Network Server, I would have 
> to give
> you a friendly "you suck" :-) An ANS is one piece of "obscure" Apple
> hardware I've never been able to get a line on.
> I'm sure they exist in the Upper Midwest, but I've never heard of 
> anyone
> who's seen/had one in the Twin Cities area.
Indeed... and it is an important rescue too because I have had my eyes 
on this prize for years... it's owned by a magazine editor who may have 
even used it to run the site... I know he did use an ANS for the site 
for a while, I just don't know if this one is the one.

It's only a 500/132, but it's still good.


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