[rescue] Cheap Octane memory

Mike F lists at mikef.dyndns.org
Tue Jul 1 15:31:03 CDT 2003

I just noticed the following on comp.sys.sgi.marketplace,
posted last week. Has anyone dealt with him or his company before?
He replied quickly to my inquiry, and he says there are about 50
128MB Octane memory kits left. I have no connection to the seller,
just looking for opinions before I trust him with my money:

>Hi All,
>I have the following memory kits available for sale.
>128 MB Kit For An Octane  $ 10.00 ea.
>64 MB Kit For An Onyx/Challenge  $ 5.00 ea.
>32 MB Kit For An O2  $ 5.00 ea. US
>64 MB Kit For An O2  $ 7.50 ea. US
>64 MB Kit For An Indigo2  $ 10.00 ea. US
>128 MB Kit For An Origin/Onyx2  $ 25.00 ea. US
>Octane2 V6, R12k 1x400 Mhz
>768 MB Of Memory
>18 GB System Drive
>Keyboard & Mouse
>Irix 6.5.16 On The Hard Drive  (No Media)
>Price for the Octane2 system would be $ 4,450.00 US
>If you have any questions please e-mail or call me.
>Have a great day
>Steve Berge
>Great Eastern Technology Inc.
>10 Wheeling Avenue
>Woburn, MA  01801
>Phone: 781-937-0300
>Fax: 781-937-8333
>E-mail: berge at get.com
>WebSite: http://www.get.com

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