[rescue] Kodak Sbus memory card

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Jan 31 01:47:44 CST 2003

>From: "Eric Ozrelic" <eric at stereolab.net>
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>Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 22:15:01 -0800
>Subject: [rescue] Kodak Sbus memory card
>Hello there, I recently acquired an interesting bit of hardware. I purchased
>this item on eBay, the original link and picture are here:


>Upon closer inspection this appears card is manufactured by Kodak, and has a
>funky connector on the left side of the card when looking at it from the
>front. This connector can be seen in the picture in the auction and I have
>never seen it before and I have seen many many different connectors and
>interfaces. After looking around the net a little bit this connector appears
>to be some sort of camera interface or bus. I cannot identify the 72pin
>simms on the card, however they're made by Mitsubishi (MH8M32NAF J-6

Well the simms are 8Mx32 most likely, which would make them 32 meg
SIMMS, and with 4 of them, 128M total.

>The following numbers/letters are located on the back and front of the card
>(I have not had any luck searching google)
>Made in U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, NY 14650 (silk screen on
>PMM 006 (sticker on top)
>94V-0		PQC-3  4794 (silk screen on bottom)
>4B3716 REV A D176-M (circuit on bottom)
>There is no model or type listed on the funky connector.
>Does anyone have any idea of what this card is or does? Thanks in advance!

I'm sure it's some sort of imaging product but there used to be a lot 
of different imaging stuff for Sparc.  To the best of my knowledge
Kodak used to buy Sun systems, configuring them and sell them as
total solutions (I've even seen a Sun IPC or IPX with the sun badges
replaced with Kodak badging).

The memory on this is probably dedicated to the task of either input or
output of some large raster image (likely through that buss).  The
memory probably does not live in the "normal" space of ram and is
likely as such not usable for anything other than it's dedicated

If your looking for Sbus ram expansion for SS2/IPX, your looking for
Boris & Natasha (Sun code names).  They appear from time to time on

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If you find out what this is, share with the list, I'm sure like 
myself there are others here that are also interested in what that
card is.

-- Curt

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