[rescue] older IBM PPC inquiry (7015-R50)

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Thu Jan 30 18:36:27 CST 2003

On Thursday 30 January 2003 03:48 pm, Robert Novak wrote:
> It's an IBM System Rack (a bit less than 6' high) with two 7015-R50
> powerpc servers (unknown contents--8mm tape and cd and floppy are known)
> and three 7133-020 disk arrays (SSA it seems, with a full complement of
> 4gb drives).

Dayum!  Was this free or something??  Impossible.

> After some poking on ibm's site, it appears these are nearly ten year old
> SMP PPC601 75MHz servers that run AIX. The rack itself would be cool, and
> I might be able to put it in the living room. Whee.

Dave is right, I believe -- I have three of these still running in full-blown 
production.  One is a quad 200, the other two are probably duals (can't 
remember right off).

I am hoping to catch these as they fall out of production, or perhaps the 
G40's that will be EOL'd in a year.

> 1. Can these run on 110-120V power inside or outside of the cabinet?

Mine is on 220 for sure.  Didn't think it would do 110, but never looked.

> 2. Are they worth the space/power/time/back pain to get and play with?

Tons of Microchannel slots, lots of CPU.  I think these will take 4GB of RAM.  
Very hot, though.  I'd rather have one of the J-series.


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