[rescue] older IBM PPC inquiry (7015-R50)

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Thu Jan 30 14:48:02 CST 2003

Hi folks,

I wandered across a cool-looking IBM rack today and I'm wondering how
cool/useful/usable it is.

It's an IBM System Rack (a bit less than 6' high) with two 7015-R50
powerpc servers (unknown contents--8mm tape and cd and floppy are known)
and three 7133-020 disk arrays (SSA it seems, with a full complement of
4gb drives).

After some poking on ibm's site, it appears these are nearly ten year old
SMP PPC601 75MHz servers that run AIX. The rack itself would be cool, and
I might be able to put it in the living room. Whee.

I guess what I'm curious about would be...

1. Can these run on 110-120V power inside or outside of the cabinet?

2. Are they worth the space/power/time/back pain to get and play with?

3. Are they worthily supported under free UNIXes? 


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