[rescue] VAX CPU Board on ebay

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Jan 30 13:41:24 CST 2003

On Thursday, January 30, 2003, at 12:44 PM, Jeffrey J.Nonken wrote:
> Yeah, I have that same computer, except mine says "IMSAI" on the 
> front. :)

   You have an IMSAI 8080?  Cool!  Does yours have a lid?  Mine is 
missing the lid, has been since I got it ~18 years ago.  It had been 
languishing in a friend's basement for the past 10 years or so but I 
picked it up on my last trip up north this past fall.  It was like 
seeing an old friend again.  Hell, it WAS seeing an old friend again!

   Mine has a CCS Z80 CPU board (4MHz with an IMSAI-compatible 
front-panel port), 64K of *static* RAM (yeah static, I'm the man!), a 
Digitalker speech synth, four serial ports and a hand-built (trivially 
simple) parallel printer port.


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