[rescue] ebay userid listing...

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Thu Jan 30 11:21:20 CST 2003

>I'd like to set up a list of sunhelp.org list members and their auction
>IDs. This would make it easier to avoid bidding against each other. A
>couple of people I've chatted with about this think it's a safe and
>legitimate thing to do--we're not conspiring with sellers to raise their
>prices, so ebay should have no issues with it.

Half-kidding: what about conspiring to lower their prices, stiffing both
the sellers and eBay?

Seems like my local DRMO had an official looking sign on the wall with some
kind of legal warning about bidding, but I can't remember whether or not it
mentioned bidders conspiring to limit bid activity or not.

Please post back if you learn definitively--I'd like to know.


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