[rescue] Bizarre auctions & SparcStation IPXs... (update)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Thu Jan 30 09:11:02 CST 2003

<deanders at pcisys.net> writes ...

> Just a quick update: (exciting, I know)
> -The NVRAM's dead on two of the systems; the other one has a proper MAC
> address & serial number, but the IDPROM is listed as invalid. Yay.

Somewhere, I've seen a script that, once you boot the machine, lets you set
reasonable values for the NVRAM, then reboots the machine.  Alledgedly,
you're then OK until you power off.

Of course, there are new NVRAMs to be had, or you can try the
solder-on-a-battery hack.

> -All three IPXs have 64MB of RAM, amazingly enough. (Actually, this is
> probably the only noteworthy item in the whole post...)


> -My null modem/serial cable setup doesn't *quite* work (it receives
> characters from the IPXs just fine, but doesn't seem to *send* anything).

That might be a flow control setting on your terminal software.


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