[rescue] Re: seen on ebay (retry)

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jan 30 05:14:26 CST 2003

> Check the shipping cost though. It's $160 for shipping within the US. So
> even at it's current price, that would be quite a bit. I have seen
> E450's go for ~$850 (lucky bastard ;-) and they had more memory (but
> less disk) than this one.
> shawn

If anyone is interested in building a cheap E450 systems, Greg Wolters at Paladian Technologies (602) 296-5363 (greg at paladiantech.com) has ten bare-bones E450 chassis in stock for 700USD each. However I don't recall what part of the USA that company is based in.

E450 Base Only w/ CD Rom
BA Chassis
No Drives, Memory, Or CPU
$700 Each
Quantity (10) Available



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