[rescue] Bizarre auctions & SparcStation IPXs... (update)

deanders at pcisys.net deanders at pcisys.net
Thu Jan 30 03:44:26 CST 2003

Just a quick update: (exciting, I know)
	-The NVRAM's dead on two of the systems; the other one has a proper MAC
address & serial number, but the IDPROM is listed as invalid. Yay.
	-All three IPXs have 64MB of RAM, amazingly enough. (Actually, this is
probably the only noteworthy item in the whole post...)
	-My null modem/serial cable setup doesn't *quite* work (it receives
characters from the IPXs just fine, but doesn't seem to *send* anything).

I'm debating just trying to pick up a framebuffer that'll do 1024x768 (I
suppose 24-bit color is too much to ask for...) and a keyboard &
mouse...we'll see.

Still haven't figured out how to open that weird R Squared external SCSI

Derek Andersen

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