[rescue] Don't hate me for asking

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Jan 30 01:17:01 CST 2003

I'm sure that there are anti Intel people here... so if you are
one... please bear with me...

I'm looking for matching procs for a dual CPU motherboard...

Ideally here is what I'd like to find:

Slot 1 933MHz 133MHZ FSB CPU (coppermine)
Slot 1 800MHZ 100MHZ FSB CPU (coppermine)
Socket 370 933MHZ 133MHZ FSB CPU (coppermine)
Socket 370 800MHZ 100MHZ FSB CPU (coppermine)

Obviously with the latter, I'd use slotkets to convert to slot 1

My big issue here is affordability.... so if I had to make
sacrafices in speed I could.... but I don't want the half speed
cache of the katmai CPUs... so I want to stick with coppermine
256K full speed cache... so, minimum speed would be 600E (100MHZ FSB)
or 600EB (133MHZ FSB).

I'm looking for two... but if I can't find two, I'll start with one
and try to find a match later...

So... anyone have anything like this for sale, or can point me to
highly affordable sources for these parts....

Used/Pull/New Old Stock/etc doesn't matter... just as long as it works.


  -- Curt

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