[rescue] FS: SFBA stuff FS/FT/Free (brief)

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Wed Jan 29 15:32:17 CST 2003

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Robert Novak wrote:

Hi! I am interested in the alphastation 600, I am in Santa Cruz so I can
pick it up no problems, how much you want for it?

> Hi folks,
> I have some stuff I'd like to get rid of... a few items listed here, and a
> ton or two of other stuff that I don't have a list of. I prefer local
> pickup near San Jose, California, but may be tempted to ship, or to
> deliver in the Bay Area.
> Short list:
> + 2U PC (Asus P2B-LS, P3-500, 256MB, 9GB SCSI HD, floppy, cdrom) $300obo
> - SPARCserver 330 chassis (qty 2), no boards, PS works... free (pickup only)
> + mid-tower PCs, Ppro 200mhz and P2-300mhz, misc configs
> - HP 9000 dorm-fridge-sized system, unknown config... pickup only
> + Dell Poweredge XL (quad Pentium with RAID and drives)... pickup only
> + SPARCserver 1000E, 3xSM81, lots of RAM, working... pickup only
> + misc 8mm tape drives (8200 through 8505XL).
> - 21" Sun aperture grill monitor, one gun is intermittent... pickup only
> - Sun 2/120, missing the outer shell, unknown condition... pickup only
> - SGI Indigo2 chassis (10pc), teal, no cpu/ram, untested... pickup only
> - SGI Indigo2 chassis, purple, no cpu/ram, untested... pickup only
> + AlphaStation 600, 266mhz 21164, 256MB/2GB/cd... pickup only
> The stuff with (-) is free, although I'd welcome a donation to my storage
> fund. Stuff with (+) is flexible, but I do need a bit of money for them.
> I have boatloads of other stuff, including older PCs and all-in-one Macs
> and sun4m machines, so if you're local and bored and want to just look in
> my storage spaces, that can be arranged. A lot of the stuff is free for
> the taking as with the (-) items above.
> Thanks,
> Rob
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