[rescue] RJ-21

James james at jdfogg.com
Tue Jan 28 16:14:03 CST 2003

At 04:03 PM 1/28/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>I have a Cisco Catalyst 5000 with RJ-21 telco connectors. I also have 
>three 48port patch panels. So I picked up a couple RJ-21 - 25pr Copper 
>cables. Now I need to punch them down. But I don't know what wire goes where.
>The cable has 50 wires, ten sets of 5. Each set has a different color wire 
>(Blue, Purple, Orange, Grey, Brown, Yellow, Red, White, Black, Green ) and 
>each set has Orange, Brown, Grey, Blue, Green striped wires.
>Anyone known of a page that lists how I connect these to the back of my 
>patch panel?
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You have some time to kill and a punchdown tool?

I have the colorcode written down in my PBX manual at home. I can send it 
to you tomorrow.

The basics is this....
Each wire has 1 of 5 MAJOR colors and 1 of 5 MINOR colors. So. you have 5 
majors and 5 minors. 5*5 = 25. Then each wire has an associated neighbor it 
is twisted with and has the minor/major reversed. This gives you 25 pairs. 
There is a specific order they go in and I have the order written down at 
home too. btw, the minor color is the stripe, the major is the body color. 
Some makers have the 1st wire a solid and the second the solid+stripe.

If nobody answers I'll have it tomorrow, or maybe tonight.

btw, there is an AT&T type punchdown, type 110 and type 66. The AT&T type 
is slightly interchangeable with the type 110.

AND, why do you want so many 10Mbs ports? These aren't 100Mbs. Also, CatOS 
is not IOS, so you might want to read up on it if you've never seen it.

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