[rescue] tape drives, etc.

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Tue Jan 28 12:57:30 CST 2003

Our office is moving in the spring, and we have some items that we don't
need/want to move. We also wouldn't mind raising a little cash. I don't know
what this stuff is worth, but I trust someone here will. ;-)

first item:
Control Data model CPI-370B rell tape drive.
Was working when last attached to the MicroVAX years ago.
I am told it has a Qbus interface because the SCSI interface was too
Drive does not have a full case around it.

GCRT CacheTape 9-track tape drive with case.
vaccuum unit was not working when I used it last, but it did work.

Both of these items are pretty heavy, lilke maybe 80 pounds or so each. There
may be some other things like a 1/4" tape drive or two and some tapes.

Any interest?

Steve Sandau
TMA Bath, Maine

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