[rescue] I couldn't help but help this ebay seller:

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Mon Jan 27 12:34:23 CST 2003

The Ad :

my response to the seller:

Friendly neighborhood advice:

1. NetServers are HP PC's... this is an HP 9000 E35 (No NetServer in the
2. This machine contains a 64Mhz PA-RISC 7100LC (the cheap 32-bit
processor from the 7000 generation where 7000 is the heavy duty
processor, i.e. 7200 heavy-duty, 7300LC light duty)
3. Find out the internal components... what HSC boards are installed...
what Precision Bus boards are installed, how much RAM
4. Revise the price if you want to get rid of this.  Machines about 3-4
generations newer are going for $400-500 loaded.  This is like selling a
386 for $2000 (this machine would stomp a 386, but I'm putting this in
perspective) (Start with $60 and a $100 buy-it-now)


His response:
Thank you very much...now I know why we have gotten no bids....(actually
someone did get it but bailed)

We will reduce the price and provide accurate internal listings.

By the way, do you know how to properly connect the monitor to the
server??? And what function keys to load the o/s?

Michael R. Limotta

I haven't included my response to this response, but you get the picture.
Andrew J. Weiss
Field Network Engineer
En Pointe Technologies
aweiss at enpointe.com, ajwdsp at cloud9.net

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