[rescue] HDOutlet drives arrived...

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Sun Jan 26 19:49:39 CST 2003

My question is... does anybody need these... I ordered 5 18GB Seagate 
ST118273LC's.  They are 1.6" Barracudas... If they were just the 
drives, I would definitely use them.  I will still use them if nobody 
else wants to trade them like for like with simple 18GB HD's... here's 

I figure they are probably worth something since all 5 came in EMC 
carriers... these are the black bars carriers.  SCA internal to EMC 80 
- pin with power ... blue and red connector... 4 rows of 20 and two 3 
pin stagger power.


I may ask my employer's client if they are using these modules in their 
EMC... I can sell them for way more than I bought them.  Problem is I 
haven't tested them either.  Are the carrier skins worth something by 


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