[rescue] Re: New harddrive in a SS20

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sat Jan 25 13:36:42 CST 2003

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Gavin Hubbard wrote:

> This is the procedure I use for formatting disks. However I've always
> wondered (a) Is there any way of turning verification off? (b) Is there
> any way of formatting disks in parallel?

a) Probably
b) You really don't want to do that.

Why are you formatting them, anyway?  Are they really old discs?  So
long as the discs haven't been formatted with some odd blocksize and are
in good (trustworthy) condition, all you should need to do is re-label
them, which takes a couple of seconds.

BTW, what email client do you use?  Could you possibly teach it some
reasonably sane method of quoting/replying?

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