[rescue] sun ultra 3000 POST problem

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Sat Jan 25 09:12:01 CST 2003

Hi all,

I finally got a clock board for my rescued Sun Ultra Enterprise 3000, so
I decided to install the system.

However, it does not pass the POST tests. After detecting the CPUs it
goes on with this:

3,0>Re-mapping to Local Device Space
3,0>Begin Central Space Serial Port access
3,0>Enable AC Control Parity
3,0>Hotplug Trigger Test
3,0>Init Counters for Hotplug

After this, nothing happens. Power LED is on, both other LEDs off (as
expected during POST). Does anybody know to what those Init Counters
refer to? Or, better yet, does anybody recognize this and have a
solution? :)

Walter Belgers         "Si hoc signum legere potes, operis boni in rebus
walter at belgers.com       Latinis alacribus et fructuosis potiri potes!" 

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