[rescue] Cisco pcmcia cards

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Jan 24 23:42:52 CST 2003

Cisco 1605 does NOT use ATA Flash....

It uses "Intel flash".... all the ones I have seenare 
labelled "Intel Series 2+".

1605R is a nice little router... you decide to give it up let me know :-)

Depending on what you are going to run for an IOS on it, you may need as
little as 8Meg, but as much as 16Meg or higher.

I don't recall if the 1605R supports internal flash SIMMs... which if it
does and there are some in there you won't need a flash card at all
(although I seem to recall all the 1600 series I've ever used had flash
cards, so maybe the 1600 series routers didn't have internal flash simms
like most other Ciscos.... my memory of these is getting rusty).

Hope you have access to IOS images.... without that, your sunk.

Good luck,

 -- Curt
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>Hi folks,
>I'm getting ready to rescue a cisco 1605 router from a friend's junk pile,
>and I'm wondering about the flash cards. Are they special, or should any
>pcmcia flash card work?
>I have a pair of IBM 10MB flash cards, in particular, that I might want to
>The other idea I had was using a compactflash card with a pcmcia adapter.
>Sure, I probably don't need a 256meg flash card, but I have some smaller
>ones and wouldn't have to wait for shipping. :)
>Any thoughts on either of these options? Or am I best off getting a
>semi-official flash card from ebay?
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