[rescue] Re: Ultra Server Enterprise 1 ?

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jan 24 10:19:33 CST 2003

I ran across an ultra enterprise server 1 in my local scrappers. I wasn't 
able to look inside it. From outside the only additional card I noticed is a 
combined Fast Ethernet / UW SCSI that I can see from looking at the back.

Any good? what is its value? I know, difficult without knowing the processor. 
Range of values. Unfortunately, he knows enough to realize it isn't scrap but 
not enough to have any real idea of value. What should I offer?

What should I look for when I am back there next week?

I noticed he has a pile of ProLiant servers in also. 


The SBus card you mentioned is likely a Sunswift card. They're nice cards, worth about 30-40USD.

An Ultra 1E is a 170MHz UltraSPARC box. They are still very useful systems. I would stress the 'low' clockspeed of 170MHz and offer the scrapper 80 bucks for the whole system.



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