[rescue] Re: HP EV7 performance

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jan 24 10:10:47 CST 2003

Hmm... I'm reading the news bulletin from HP about their EV7
announcement. Heh. Apart from the fact that the EV7 has an integrated
interconnetion interface, they build'em together as a tourus.
They even claim 37 TeraFlops on their SC1280 supercomputer.

Major woodie here.


I asked the HP enterprise accounts manager for New Zealand why HP killed the 
Alpha. He told me "...as soon as the Alpha was no longer twice as fast as the 
competition we saw no point in continuing development..."

I've never understood this line of reasoning. IMO the whole 'point' of the 
Alpha was the architecture, scalability, and code-base. The extra raw 
performance delta was just gravy.

Damn suits.


Doh - wrong list. Sorry about that.

<mental note>Must stop posting to mailing lists at five in the morning.</mental note>


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