[rescue] Cheapass MicroFax (sic)

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Fri Jan 24 03:28:40 CST 2003

On 2003.01.24 04:18 Bill Martin wrote:

> The front cover and the TK-70 tape drive were no longer there.
> Where the photo clearly shows the tape drive, an empty hole
> with a shock mount hanging down is all that remains.
Contact the seller and try to get the TK70. Tell him that this is no
DLT, even when it looks so. TK70 is the predecessor to DLT and can store
around 300MB. You need CompacTape II cartridges.

> bottom. A 50 pin SCSI cable and 4 pin power cable extend from the
> middle section
Well, DSSI, not SCSI.

> Slot Lineup:
> 1&2 - one double width card identified as all of these: MS650-AA,
> KA640-BA, M7621-A, M7624-DA Rev B01
M7621       MS650-AA    Q   8-Mbyte RAM for KA650 (MicroVAX III)
M7624       KA640-AA    Q   MicroVAX 3300/3400 CPU: CVAX chip, Ethernet,
M7624                       DSSI, 4 Mbyte memory (640QR)

> 3 - DSV11-SA, M3108-PA Rev A1  It has two 3-row SCSI connectors (Sun
> style.)
M3108-PA    DSV11-S     Q   2-line sync SLU for BA223 (-SF is first
M3108-PA                    -SG is second add-on unit).
M3108-PA        Refs: EK-DSV11-TD, EK-DSV1M-IN, EK-DSV1M-UG, EK-DSV11-IN
M3108-PA        Refs: EK-DSV11-UG

> 4&5 - Appear to be blanking plates
Note that you must not leave QBus slots open if there are other cards
behind the gap. Google for the QBus HOWTO and the pdp11-field-guide.txt

> 6 - TO(Q?)K70, M7559-00 Rev D4  (controller for the missing TK70?)
M7559       TQK70       Q   TMSCP controller for TK70

> Far left - H7868-A Rev E02  (a power sequencer?  PS is on the far
> right of the chassis.)
If the box is a BA213 (12 Slot QBus) you have two PSUs, one for the left
half of the backplane, and one for the right. Make sure that you allways
have load on the left and right PSU or the PSUs refuse to work.


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