[rescue] using a SparcClassic X for its intended purpose

Clayton Wheeler csw at thirdshoe.net
Fri Jan 24 02:15:09 CST 2003

I recently hauled a long-unplugged SparcClassic X home from work, 
intending to use it as a cold spare for my name server. However, I 
thought it would be fun to configure it as an X terminal, as it was 
originally intended.

A bit of reading revealed three approaches. Xkernel was apparently a 
special kernel with an X server lumped in, but only for sun4 and sun4c 
machines. SLXT is a modern take on that idea, using Linux instead of 
SunOS or whatever Xkernel was based on, but it requires a Linux 
machine, and I don't have any of those running at the moment. (Future 
versions are supposed to work from a Solaris server...)

I did find a passing reference to "Sun X Terminal Software," which 
seems to be the intended way to use one of these. Unfortunately, it 
appears to be long-gone; the manuals are not on docs.sun.com, and I can 
hardly even find any mention of it outside of ancient press releases.

Is there a way to use this as an X terminal in a modern Solaris 
environment? Is this "Sun X Terminal Software" what I would need? Any 

Clayton Wheeler
csw at thirdshoe.net

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