[rescue] Cheapass MicroFax (sic)

dave dave at cca.org
Fri Jan 24 00:28:03 CST 2003

wrmartin at verizon.net writes:

>Further scrounging around the net has me quite confused as to what this 
>"MicroFax" really is.  It's label says it's a DEC 6400R-F2, Series 
>BA215.  But Google has no idea what that is.  It's obviously not a VAX 
>6400, but I can find no reference to any MicroVAXen numbered higher than 
>3900.  It's apparently not a MicroVAX 3x00, although it bore (back before 
>someone made off with the front cover) some strong resemblance to a 
>38/3900.  But the specs on the Compaq web site show differences.  Can't 
>find anything with a similar control panel. Having a DEC Capital Asset tag, 
>could it be some unreleased box?  Would they custom build machines on occasion?

>Should have gone to bed before now, but it's a new machine (to me.)  And I 
>won't be able to do more after mid-morning tomorrow until the middle of 
>next week..

The KA640-BA board number you gave before indicates a MicroVAX-III.
I don't know enough about DEC busses - could it be a MV3400 board
set in a later chassis/backplane?

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