[rescue] Cheapass MicroFax (sic)

Bill Martin wrmartin at verizon.net
Thu Jan 23 22:14:06 CST 2003

Thanks.  If they're unresponsive tomorrow, that's a good idea.

BTW, it's not all bad news.  Even thought sold "As-is"  (which isn't 
"As-it-was-when-advertised"), I was amazed to find it boots!   8<)

Goes through its diagnostics, then goes to the ">>>" prompt.  12 Mb RAM 
tests fine; apparently no OS on the RF71.  Now I'm poring through my newly 
downloaded manuals.  (Thank you, Compaq/HP.)

Bill Martin

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> > I should add two things:
> >
> > 1)  It's my first experience with Vaxen, and I'm in love.  (As I
> > expected.)  First priority is to "rescue" it (I thought I already had.)
> > this one goes, there will be another.
> >
> > 2)  There is, of course, a faint hope that the missing parts are still at
> > the seller's, and they will ship them.  I'm not optimistic, but will ask
> >
> > Bill Martin
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>I'd also keep a look on this sellers auctions as you may find your missing
>parts come up for sale in the future it's happened to me before.
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