[rescue] Cheapass MicroFax (sic)

Bill Martin wrmartin at verizon.net
Thu Jan 23 21:18:24 CST 2003

Well, I snagged it.  And got snagged myself.  It arrived late this 
afternoon, and is not what was pictured.  The front cover and the TK-70 
tape drive were no longer there.  Where the photo clearly shows the tape 
drive, an empty hole with a shock mount hanging down is all that remains.

I'm trying to decide what to do.  I know nothing about Vaxen, but was 
planning to learn.  What remains is the following:

It is a DEC 6400R-F2, and has a DEC Capital Asset sticker (with an asset 
number) on the rear.  Which makes it a bit more collectable, I suppose, but 
also makes it less likely that there's anything left of value.

In the upper section:
Left: a narrow panel with a HD50 connector, terminator attached
Center: a control Panel
Right: an empty compartment with shock mount brackets top (broken) and 
bottom. A 50 pin SCSI cable and 4 pin power cable extend from the middle 

Slot Lineup:
1&2 - one double width card identified as all of these: MS650-AA, KA640-BA, 
M7621-A, M7624-DA Rev B01
3 - DSV11-SA, M3108-PA Rev A1  It has two 3-row SCSI connectors (Sun style.)
4&5 - Appear to be blanking plates
6 - TO(Q?)K70, M7559-00 Rev D4  (controller for the missing TK70?)
Far left - H7868-A Rev E02  (a power sequencer?  PS is on the far right of 
the chassis.)

So my problem is what to do now.  Is a front cover reasonably 
obtainable?  (I suspect not without buying another whole machine and its 
attendant transportation $.)  I've seen TK-70s on eBay, but I seem to 
recall them not being real cheap.

An obvious lesson is not to buy from a seller that doesn't know a Fax from 
a Vax.  I could simply demand my $ back, including transportation.  Or I 
could try to sell off what's left piece by piece, but have no idea of its 
value and hate to kill any machine (my house is becoming a graveyard of old 
radios and computers.)  Any thoughts?

Thanks, Bill Martin

At 11:09 PM 1/3/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Gee.  It's big. It's heavy. It need to be "rescued". It's cheap. It's 
>useless. I want it.
>Maybe it'll be relisted.
>What is it?
>Bill Martin
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> > In case anyone missed it:
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