[rescue] IRIX 6.5.18m stream 'kinda'available for free download again

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Thu Jan 23 02:56:18 CST 2003

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As i mentioned in a previous thread, most of my troubles can
be attributed to SCSI bus problems, not any fault of IRIX. 
It's just when you have the complexity of the IRIX install
procedure to deal with and then having to restart that
procedure so many times due to testing out various SCSI
configs..... it starts to suck very quickly.

That being said, with the arrival of my "IRIX pre installed"
Octane, my efforts to get 6.5.9 crammed onto an Indy have
*significantly* lessened.  I'm sure i'll come back to it one
day, just for the hell of it, but i don't anticipate that to
be any day soon.

Thanks for the info though,

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 15:25:09 -0500
Kurt Huhn <kurt at k-huhn.com> wrote:

> Kevin <kevin at mpcf.com> wrote:
> > I have to agree with you.  I don't have much experience
> > installing IRIX but i have been attempting to do so for a
> > week and a half now.  It appears to be a PITA if you are
> > not very familiar with it.
> > 
> Follow the directions and how-tos *to the letter* - do not
> skip any steps, and don't do any of it out of order.
> The first time I installed Irix it was on an R4600 Indy, and
> while it took some time with a 1x drive, it went without a
> hitch.
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