[rescue] Any UNIX for HP Netserver 5/100 LS?

Marc Gutschner Marc.Gutschner at Triplan.COM
Thu Jan 23 10:51:12 CST 2003

>  I managed to make NT4 run on this mastodont. Before I try, anybody
>  has success andor gotchas for any kind of UNIX on it?

I've a pair of NetServer LH (one 'pro', one 'plus'). I had a hard time
getting FreeBSD 5.0 installed on the 'pro' until I gave up on "doing things
right" and installed with the "dedicated disk" method. The installation of
(IIRC) FreeBSD 4.7 on the 'plus' went rather smooth.

At one time I had installed RedHat 8.0 on the 'pro' just to see how it feels
and didn't like it. But the installation went pretty smooth. The NetServers
seem to be rather 'friendly' to the free Unices...

A totally different story are some low-end Proliants (Model 1000 w/ P5/66
and Model 1500 with P5/75) that seem to need some serious brain surgery to
do what I want them to do ;-)


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