[rescue] Sun monitor cable

Dan Williams dan.williams at btconnect.com
Wed Jan 22 14:07:28 CST 2003

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> To the best of my knowledge no Sun framebuffers support Sync on Green.
> Some 3rd party ones may have, but all the info I have access to seems to
> indicate that there is no sync on green signal.
> Wether or not any 3rd parties ever built an adapter or cable for Sun's
> to use a sync on green monitor, I do not know.
> If the old DEC monitor is a Sony, Sun and other vendors probably used the
> same basic monitor.... you may be able to modify the monitor and add two
> connectors on the back for the sync signals.  Although, for all that
> you can probably find a Sun monitor local to you cheap, like the common
> 1962B Sony monitor.
> -- Curt

Oh well looks like it's give up then, the only thing I was wondering was why
sun produced the cable if the machines don't support sync-on-green. I tried
to find a description of the part no i was given (018-8105-001) but couldn't
find anything


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