[rescue] Re: [geeks] Cleaning out advice needed...

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Jan 22 01:54:08 CST 2003

On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 02:14 AM, Kris Kirby wrote:
>> running Windows software over the past few years.  An HP 54111D
>> digitizing oscilloscope and an HP 7550A pen plotter are an unbeatable
>> combination for tearing apart a fast transient signal.
> stripchart?

   Nope, X/Y.

   To illustrate, I fired it up a moment ago to take some pics.  Here is 
my HP 54111D digital oscilloscope looking at a QYXie's infrared 
transmitter's carrier generator waveform, which is subsequently plotted 
on my HP 7550A plotter:


   The same thing could be done with a raster device (indeed the scope 
can drive an inkjet printer, which I have) but the nice color plotted 
output (being vector data to start with) looks MUCH better than a 
rasterized version.


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