[rescue] DEFPA Programming Docs?

Bjorn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Tue Jan 21 01:28:39 CST 2003

Dave McGuire wrote:
> > is "only" a question of a QBus attachment.... Wouldn't a MicroVAX II
> > with its 0.9 VUPs (=MIPS) on a 100 MBit/s link be nice? ;-)
>    Dude...do the math, FDDI is faster than Qbus! ;)
>    That said, I have a FDDI interface in my 4000/700a.  I just got that
> running a few weeks ago; I can say I'm really glad DEC decided to put
> so much stuff on the later 4000-series CPUs to keep it off the Qbus!

But you have to admit... there's something cute about Qbus. :-)


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