[rescue] Production uses for rescued hardware

Mike Hebel nimitz at speakeasy.net
Tue Jan 21 00:18:00 CST 2003

dave wrote:
> schiller at agrijag.com writes:
>>Actually there IS such a thing as too many computers, and I think I've 
>>reached it. Now let me further define TOO MANY computers. When you HAVE 
>>to eat out, because every table like surface in your house has a 
>>computer on it... When you have to be careful where you walk, because 
>>the floor is covered with computers... When you don't realise that the 
>>SparcStation you just put together has a bad drive in it because you 
>>couldn't hear the whine over all the other machines in the house... and 
>>finally when you can't invite a person of the opposite sex to spend the 
>>night with you because the only place left to put a computer is on the 
>>other side of a queen sized bed, YOU HAVE TOO MANY COMPUTERS!
> Sounds like your problem is that your gear isn't rack mounted.

Ok.  he's talking about beds - you're talking about mounting things.  I 
can only think:


They re-did their site BTW. ;-)

Mike Hebel

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