[rescue] Re: Cheap HP J5000 systems

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Jan 20 18:35:57 CST 2003

> > This is not a deal-of-the-year price but it is still pretty good if 
> > you're looking for a half-decent HP-UX workstation. For comparison 
> > purposes, a J5000 is fairly similar to a Sun E250.
>    Wow, neat...How big are those boxes?
>        -Dave

They are physically quite big machines (they were the flagship PARISC workstation in 1999). Fully loaded with cards and disks, this is a 1500 Watt workstation :-o

>From the data sheet, the physical data is:

Physical Dimension:
Height 44.5cm (17.5 in)
Height with rack kit 48.8cm (19.2 in)
Width 34.5cm (13.6 in)
Width with rack kit 49.5cm (9.5 in)
Depth 53.3cm (21.0 in)
Depth with rack kit 80.0cm (31.5 in)
Net Weight:
Minimum configuration 34 Kg (74 lbs)
Fully loaded 40 Kg (88 lbs)
Power Requirements:
Input Current 15 Amps RMS max @ 100-120V
7.5 Amps RMS max @ 220-240V
Line frequency 50-60Hz
Maximum power input 1,500 Watts

You can get more info courtesy of the wayback machine.




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