[rescue] DEFPA Programming Docs?

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Mon Jan 20 09:55:45 CST 2003

>>>> Anyone know where to get programming docs for DEFPA
>>>> cards? I have the Open/NetBSD driver but I'd like
>>>> something easier to digest.
>>>    If you find this, I'm interested in a copy.
>> Add me to this list. Especially if you get info about the DEFQA (QBus
>> FDDI interface). It has the same PDQ core like the DEF[TEP]A. So 
>> support

I assume you're already run the chip part numbers through
freetradezone.com, correct?  Of course, there's no guarantee the datasheets
will contain the docs you need.  (But they might have some app notes that do.)


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