[rescue] Versyss

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Jan 20 01:00:21 CST 2003

I have a Versys Model 8000-0150 system.

Anyone know anything about these.

It has been a while, but it does boot, it boots I think a System V
version of Unix.  Might be 386 based ?  Been a while since I've
poked around in it.

It unfortunately doesn't have the LAN option :-(.  Looks like it has
a parallel and two com ports built in, and appears to have a 4 port
serial card (that uses RJ45 connectors) added to it, presumably to
support terminals.

It also has a 1/4" tape drive.

Just wondering if anyone out there has any info on these, OS load
tapes, LAN options, etc.

-- Curt

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