[rescue] potential rescue pile in MA

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Sun Jan 19 20:41:28 CST 2003

Saw in a usenet group.  Looks like some useful sbus nics in his pile, if
anyone is local to this guy.  (Personally, I'd like a sbus net card!)


            FS in MA: lots of Sun equipment, some PC stuff, all old, all cheap
            Sat, 18 Jan 2003 05:02:33 GMT
            "Patrick Wetmore" <pwetmore at attbi.com>
            AT&T Broadband
            comp.forsale, comp.forsale.computer, comp.forsale.computers,

Hi all,

Lots of stuff.  I want to clear out my basement.  Best offer takes it.  By
best offer, I mean the best offer by next Friday, no matter how low.  I want
to clear out the space.

I will not ship this stuff, too much work.  You either pick it up at my
place (Wareham, MA), or if you live within 60 miles or so of me, I can toss
it into my truck and bring it over.  Buyer must take all this stuff.

When I say a thing "works", it worked the last time I turned it on (within
past 2 months or so).  However everything is sold "as-is".  Most of the
computers have OpenBSD installed as the operating system, but I've got a
Solaris 2.7 CD I can throw in

SPARC IPX - works.  has SBUS Fast Ethernet 10/100 card (total 2 ethernet
ports, good firewall)
SPARC IPC - works
SPARC Classic - works.  has SBUS Fast Ethernet 10/100 card (total 2 ethernet
ports, good firewall)
SUN 3/50 - dead power supply, probably other issues
SUN 3/50 - has an aftermarket extra memory board.  complains about bad
memory when powered up.  could probably take parts from other SUN 3/50 and
get this one going again
2x SUN external SCSI CDROM drives, both work
SUN 19" monitor, works
4x SUN external SCSI 411 cases, empty
1 SCSI hard drive (400 mb maybe?  not sure anymore.  worked way back when I
pulled it)
4-way serial switch
2x DEC VT420 terminals, both work
1 SCSI external tape drive, untested
2x brand new 150 MB tapes for aforementioned drive
2x Sun type 4 keyboards w/ mice, both work (on one of them the mouse has to
be plugged into the left side)
Sun type 3 keyboard, untested
3 Sun optical mice, 2 optical mousepads, untested
15" 1024x768 SVGA monitor (works, but sometimes gets curl at bottom,
power-cycling monitor resolves issue)
PC - 486/66, 20 mb, total 1 gb over 3 hard drives, 3c509 ethernet card,
keyboard, 3 button mouse, works
4x 10baseT transceivers, work
PC speakers
Sun speaker
Piles of power cables, work
Piles of serial cables (regular kind and various Sun-specific), work
Piles of SCSI and SCSI-II cables and terminators, work
Sun-to-PC keyboard converter (hook PC keyboard to Sun computer or vice
versa), works
8-port 10baseT hub, with a coax 10base2 connector too, haven't used it in
quite a while, untested
Misc network cables (10baseT, coax 10base2)
Solaris 2.7 CD
HP Scanjet 4100c, flatbed scanner, untested, has driver CD
Box of some RAM, various PC cards, other miscellaneous junk

- pat

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