[rescue] monitoring?

Mike Johnson mike at enoch.org
Sun Jan 19 18:38:56 CST 2003

Bill Bradford [mrbill at mrbill.net] wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 19, 2003 at 12:02:10PM -0600, Jay West wrote:
> > There was a new open source solution that was all java based that was
> > supposed to be really nice, been meaning to give that one a look-see, but
> > the name escapes me at the moment. Was supposed to give OpenView a run for
> > it's money so to speak.
> OpenNMS.  We run that at work, but it still looks/feels kinda unpolished and
> rough.

Which version do you run?  1.1 looks pretty good, I think.  Keep in mind
that the UI was/is kinda secondary to all the under the covers stuff.  A
UI is important, of course, but the UI as it is now was started later in
the project.  Don't let the UI fool you, the under the covers stuff is
quite solid.  The UI is usable, but does indeed lack some polish.

If you're not running at least 1.0.2, do yourself a favor and upgrade.

Oh, and Solaris packages are due out soon. :)

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