[rescue] Wow. I feel dumber..

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Sun Jan 19 14:11:14 CST 2003

Too harsh. ;)

2.0 was just "neat", but foofy and I stayed w/ SunOS at the time, same for
2.2.  2.3 was OK (I don't think it sucked), 2.4 was actually better, IMHO
than 2.5 and 2.5.1(2.5.1 on a SS20 as a NIS+ root master was just asking
for pain, only I didn't know it until AFTER I put it into production. ;))

And of course we can't forget some of the cool bugs, like the multicast to
localhost ping that would panic the box under 2.5 (pissed off many
sysadmins at UC Davis with that one).

After 2.5.1. I haven't had a complaint, though I did manage to kill a 2.8
box installing Lotus Notes client software.  I think Solaris has been
pretty stable, even in some of its earlier revs.

> income depends on them) machines.  But when Sun started ramming it down
> our throats, say around release 2.3, it *sucked*.  It ran in short
> spurts between crashes (averaged about twenty minutes' run time) and it
> was damn near impossible to get any software built on it.  It became
> somewhat usable in 2.5.1, half decent in 2.6, approaching nice in 2.7,
> damn good in 2.8, and AWESOME in 2.9.
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