[rescue] You want balls?

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Sat Jan 18 13:50:33 CST 2003

On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, Joshua D Boyd wrote:

> Crimsons would have been current then.  That was the first common
> deskside that wasn't two towers.  I think there was another deskside
> case before the Crimson, but I just can't remeber which 4D it would have
> been.

4D's had the single tower way back in the late 80's, the crimson is
exactly the same enclosure but with the flashy red skins. The whole range
of 4D/XY0 (where 2<=Y<=4, 1<=Y<=4) were available on te brown skinned 4D
single tower enclosure... there were many upgrades to "crimson" for the
brown skin towers... all you had to do is replace the IP's and the MC2
with the IP17 and bingo you had a brown crimson.

Aaaahhhh, good times. Back in 97/98 we used to have a dual tower and a
single tower 4D beasts (one was a 4D/440 and the other 4D/510 I mean a
"crimson") running VGXT gfx. They definitively do not build them like they
used to :). Thankfully the rent included utilities, and we could run them
24/7 for a nice room heater for winter (not that it ever gets real cold in


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