[rescue] Production uses for rescued hardware

Mike Hebel nimitz at speakeasy.net
Sat Jan 18 12:15:27 CST 2003

Frank Van Damme wrote:
> On Saturday 18 January 2003 17:57, Tim H. wrote:
>> The
>>mostly complete list, along with a couple friends lists, is at
> You have too many computers. Definitely.

I agree.

*Jedi Hand wave*

You should send me the PowerMac 8500 and send my wife one of the slower 
notebooks with good batteries.  $shipping cost will be enough...


I do need a good PPC Mac desktop for Toast and other purposes since my 
6100 keeps giving me "Bus Errors" regardless of RAM/OS/Disk/etc.  If 
anybody has one they want to get rid of let me know.

Mike Hebel

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