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> I think some of my favorite pieces in my computer collection are the
> Sun 486i, the prototype LX, my Sun2/120 (that was owned by IBM at one
> point... I find that too funny), and the Altos 886 (which I still can
> not find OS diskettes or the diagnostic diskette :-( ).

I took a college course at the University of Maryland called Unix in
chemistry.  We did all of our C programs and shell scripts on an Altos 8086
running Xenix 3.1a... fun... took 20-40 seconds to ls a directory.  We were
on 4 mono terms.  I tried to score the OS from the guy, but he was firm
about licensing issues... I'm like the OS was already dead 6 years ago...
but he was adamant... he was a weird guy... kind of like a slightly messed
up geeks list person since his course was only slightly chemish... and
mainly an excuse to play with UNIX.


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